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Clipper Brake (TB-CN)
Clipper brake of disc type uses 3-phase AC electromagnets. For TB-CN type, it uses the flat electromagnet with short stroke. Therefore, it is suitable for many various kinds of load capacity in industry.


(1) Easy Installation and repair

     This device is easy to install and repair as it is of simple structure.

(2) Fast and Accurate Action

     As this brake is of AC electromagnetic type, dead time is short and action is fast. Also, it works without fail 

     even in case of severe inching.

(3) Simple Adjustment of Brake Torque

     The inside brake spring can be adjusted simply by adjusting bolt in the range of 50% - 100% of brake torque.

(4) Quiet

     Because of the special structure, there is no resonant noise.

(5) Long Pad Life

     As the heat radiation of the disc is excellent, the pad can stand against heavy duty operation. And as the temperature rise

     of the pad is low, abrasion rate is low. Therefore, pad's working life is long.

     As the outside diameter of the disc can be as large as permissible, the brake can be made smaller than drum type brakes.

(7) Application

     It can be fitted to a previously installed motor by means of simple remodeling.