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Eddy Current Brake System
In case of MINUS load, it is an effective control method to operate at the speed less than the synchronous speed of the motor.
Lowering speed is controlled with stable excited current of E.C Brake.
The EN controller generates a constant excitation current for each stage.

E.C Brake consists of the stationary magnetic poles and the rotating drum.
If the drum is rotated by applying a DC exciting current to the stationary magnetic pole, the drum will cut off the magnetic flux and generate an eddy current.
The electromagnetic force generated between the eddy current and the magnetic flux acts as a braking torque to suppress the rotation of the movable portion.
This braking torque increases as the exciting current or speed is increased.

Be caution that the EC BRAKE generates a lot of heat when generating the braking torque, which limits its utilization rating.





① Speed ​​control is possible below the synchronous speed.    
② Maintenance is good because there is no mechanical friction.   
③ The braking torque can be adjusted by adjusting the current of the stationary magnetic field.
④ The fluctution rate of speed is good in detecting the voltage of the motor.